A pesar de la difícil situación que estamos viviendo por la pandemia nuestra misión debe continuar. Nuestra prioridad es garantizar que nuestro equipo esté sano y cuidado y que nuestros programas puedan desarrollarse de la manera más segura y eficiente posible. Continuaremos comunicando actualizaciones sobre el estado de nuestros programas, y sobre la posible necesidad de fondos urgentes durante este difícil momento.

Jane y todo el Instituto Jane Goodall deseamos agradecerle por su continuo apoyo. Su colaboración nos da esperanza. Doná

Peace Without Frontiers

An opportunity to exchange experiences with Roots & Roots groups around the world.

The “Peace without Frontiers” campaign invites Roots & Shoots groups to make an exchange with another group around the world. Through the digital sending of a series of drawings, reflections and letters, both groups will get to know the native species of the place where the other group lives, as well as their culture, concerns and projects. In this way, we want to celebrate peace by understanding how our differences bring us together instead of apart. 


What is the campaign about?



Register your group by filling this form. After, we will assign you a fellow group.


Telling about us

Through drawings and letters, we will tell the other Roots & Shoots group about the native species of our country, our Roots & Shoots projects and our culture. Then, we will send all this material by email.


Getting to know each other

Our fellow Roots & Shoots group will send us their stories and drawings too! We will get to know how they work and have fun and we will learn from their stories.


Meeting each other

We will organize a conference call via Skype or other means so that we can get to know each other and talk. We will establish a strong relation and we will inspire each other. This is how we will celebrate peace, united by our differences.

Sustainable goal 16 «Promote justice, peace and strong institutions»
calls to promote peaceful  and inclusive societies for sustainable development, bringing access to justice for all and building effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels.

How was your experience with #PeaceWithoutFronteers?

Share your experience.

This campaign ends October 31st

You will need to share:
Nombre del Coordinador /Grupo + 1 image that represents the exchange +  brief text about the experience.